About Me:

My name is Wolfgang Link and I am a Certified Website Designer with nationally accredited Certification from Laurus College in Oxnard.

I am the person you will be talking to when you call for a no-cost review of your website design or redesign project. I am also the person that will be working on your project. With me, there is no outsourcing to low-labor cost countries like other firms do where you won't know who is getting access to any existing hosting or domain registration accounts you might already have and with whom your logins are being shared.

Born, raised and having gone through the educational system in Germany, I was fortunate to get a professional degree in business management in Germany and worked in the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) design and development industry for 5 years before moving to the USA.

In the US I continued working in the field of design, development, engineering and manufacturing for 20 years where I held positions in purchasing, sales, customer service and design/development.

The professional expertise I was able to gather over the years allowed me to be instrumental in the development of new products and the establishment of new brands in the market, both offline and online.

Combining my knowledge in customer service, marketing, product development and my interest for website design, maintenance and development, I am now offering my services to the public in the following areas:

  • website development
  • website maintenance
  • website content management
  • website hosting solutions

When you work with me, then you will be working with me personally, from start to finish.

Wolfgang Link Web Design

If you would like to find out more about the educational institute where I received my certification, please click here:
Laurus College in Oxnard.