Frequently Asked Questions about Web Design:

  1. What type of websites do you create?

    I currently create static websites for businesses, organizations and individuals that either want to get an online presence for the first time or need to update and/or enhance their current website.

  2. What is a static website?

    A static website is a site that does not change content very often. For example website for a plumbing contractor would be considered a static website because all content is informative and once posted online, remains valid for longer periods of time as oposed to a website that sells a lot of items or displys real-estate listings which need to be changed, updated, added or removed constantly.

    Static websites do not need to be updated and changed all the time and the content mostly remains 'static' - in place without changes.

    To see some examples for static websites, please visit my Portfolio Page and look at the website examples listed there.

  3. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP - what is all of that?

    Those are abbreviations for code and scripts that are being used to create websites.

    To make it very simple:
    > HTML creates webpage content
    > CSS makes webpage content pretty
    > JavaScript makes webpage content functional
    > PHP helps managing webpage content

    However, there is no need for you to learn any of this. That is where I come in, that is my job.

    But if you want to know a little more, here are some short explanations:

    • HTML (HyperText Markup Language)

      HTML is the code that creates the content that is displayed on a webpage. For example the text and images on a page are placed there using html. Html is used to create indivicual sections such as columns, tables, headlines, paragraphs etc.

    • CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)

      While html is used to create text and image content and place it on a webpage, CSS is used to style the content. CSS is the coding that makes a headline color red for example, or makes the font type larger, or bold. CSS code is also used to place an image next to a paragraph or make the navigation links change color when you move the mouse over them.

    • JavaScript (JS)

      Many people are somewhat scared when they hear Javascript and some customers even told me that they "don't want that stuff on their website".

      Unfortunately there is a bit of a misconception about JS because people feel that anything with 'script' in the name is dangerous, which it is not.

      JavaScript is used behind the scenes to add functionality to your website.
      For example a sliding banner that displays various images on your homepage uses javascript to create the animation.
      Contact forms can use Javascript to function.
      Some drop-down navigation (links) menus use Javascript to work properly.
      These are some uses for JavaScript that enhance the functionality of a website to make it more user friendly.

    • PHP (= PHP Hypertext Processor)

      PHP is also used behind the scenes to make website management more easy for the website administrators.

      PHP allows for streamlining of how data is processed and provided to individual webpages.

      For example:
      If a website has 50 pages and content needs to be delivered to all of those 50 pages, the website designer can manually insert the same content 50 times, once into each page or optional create the content once in a central location (such as a database) and then ue php to deliver the content to each page from the database when called for.
      The advantage is that if content changes for all of those 50 pages, it only needs to be changed once in the main database, instead of manually editing all 50 individual pages.

      PHP has a lot more uses but in essence it helps managing databases and it aids in delivering repeat content and content that changes from time to time to a multitude of pages more easily and economically.

  4. How much does it cost to get a website and how long does it take?

    Cost and design times vary based on the scope of your project.

    Some projects can be completed in a few days, some might take several weeks.

    It also depends on how much content you can provide me with and how much content I need to create from scratch, along with how fast communication between us takes place.

    I have worked with clients that responded back to me within minutes or hours while others have taken days to reply.

    However, I will do my best to work with you as efficiently and fast as possible to complete your project in the shortest possible amount of time and for the lowest possible price.

  5. We want a new website, how do we get started?

    • Step 1 - Contact Me:

      Give me a call, send me an email or use the contact form on the Contact Me page to let me know that you are interested in a website design.

    • Step 2 - Provide me with info on what type of website you need

      I will need information on the type of business you are in or if your site is for personal use, tell me what colors you like, maybe even show me some sample websites you saw on the internet that you like - also tell me about sites and features you do not like to ensure we stay away from those.

      The more details you have already, the faster the design process will be.

      But if you do not have much to get started, that is ok too. We will develop the site from scratch to your liking.

    • Step 3 - Provide content you already have.

      Websites need content such as text and images and if you have content that already exists, then please provide it to me when needed so that I can review it.

      If you do not have much content and need me to write text or provide images for your site, then let me know as well.

    • Step 4 - Review and cost proposal.

      Once we have a basic idea on what type of website you need and hwo much work is involved, I will be able to provide you with a cost estimate for your project and if we come to an agreement, I will get started on creating your new website.

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