SafeTkits™ Website

HandyPitcher™ is a unique product website that is designed around a single product only. The HandyPitcher™ bottle handle that converts any soda plastic bottle or square milk carton or glass bottles in to a pitcher that is easy to use.

The website was designed to appeal to younger and older generations as well as volume buyers for their wholesale program. The website navigation was kept easy and intuitive to direct customers toward the product purchasing page while offering information about the ease of use of the product first.

The current website is a redesign from an earlier version that was created using a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) type of website creation program that did not allow for easy customizing and SEO optimization throughout.

The website was hard coded from start to finish and uses the following components;

  • HTML5 and CSS3 for site coding
  • mobile device friendly
  • user-friendly design and layout
  • integration of PayPal for product purchasing
  • tabs in page to show features without reloading new pages
  • WLWD-own CSS framework for lightweight CSS
HandyPitcher™ website by Wolfgang Link Web Design

Whether you have a single product or a multitude of items to showcase to your website visitors, it is important to keep the product(s) in the visitors focus at all times. A good website design will guide the visitor on a path to obtain all of the necessary information to enable them to make an informed purchase decision.

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