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When I took on the task of redesigning Dr. Alexander Vasserman's website, it had been online for approximately 5 years, yet due to the method in which its code had been written, major search engines had only indexed between one and 4 pages of it.

The previous website had no SEO value and did not even show up in search results.
In addition, the entire previous website had been designed in black backgrounds with white text which made it extremely difficult to read.

I made the decision to scrap the old website and recode the new site from start to finish, not only changing the layout and design, but also ensuring that it was designed friendlier to search engines than the previous site.

What was done during the website redesign?

  • Change coding to html5 and css3.
  • Use conventional navigation links with drop down design.
  • Visual redesign through rearranging of navigation, images and use of appealing colors.
  • Make entire site more user friendly.
  • Make entire site more search engine friendly.

Within 4 days of launching the new site, search engines had indexed more than 30 pages (more than 50 pages within 8 days) and the site became visible in organic search engine result listings.

Dentist Services website by Wolfgang Link Web Design
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